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Africa Business Connect

Subscription Tiers

Anyone can:

  • View Business Directory
  • View Business Opportunities
  • View Events (Submit Events subject to approval)
  • View Job Vacancies
  • View promotions / ads in the MarketSpace
  • View Public News and Listen to e-Biz Radio
  • Submit leads (Information requests and RFP’s/Tenders)

Basic Subscription (Tier 1)
Basic Directory Listing
Subscriber Information Centre

Basic Subscription Features:
  • Upload FREE advertisements in MarketSpace (normal ads)
  • Upload FREE Job Listings
  • Upload Business Opportunities
  • Receive leads (limited)
  • Upload a FREE Event
  • Upload News Releases
  • Upload deals available to other Subscribers only
  • Access to Africa Business Blog
  • Access to mentorship opportunities
  • Receive your own selection of newsletters
  • Join interest groups
  • Limited business verification available
  • Access to ALL paid services including e-Biz Radio, Webinars and e-Talks
Sorry, you will unfortunately have:
  • No Business Profile Page (“mini-website”)
  • No access to Reporting statistics on your ads and profile views
Enhanced Subscription (Tier 2)
$20 *
Enhanced Directory Listing
Subscriber Information Centre
Enhanced Business Profile Page (Google Optimised “mini website”) visible to the general public
ALL Basic Subscription Features PLUS:
  • Free market space advertising for certain priority ads
  • Receive unlimited leads
  • Full business verification available
  • View lead list report
  • Free events listing per period
  • Free news listing per period
  • Ad and Profile Impression statistics
  • ALL Paid services at discounted prices
Influencer Package (Tier 3)
Customised Pricing
Tailor made Managed Service Solution

* $10 Reduced subscription for members of any existing Chamber of Commerce or Business Membership Organisation (BMO)